Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Jewelry by KrazyKind Kreations

I am a 26 year old Tennessee girl and I now live in Colorado. I remain a southern girl at heart and always will! People here in CO ask me why I call my dog "sir", well it is because I am from the south. We were raised with manners there and we use them even when speaking to the dog! Aside from manners, my mother also taught me the meaning of creativity at a very young age! As a child, I made friendship bracelets for all my friends and family. Although I am no longer making friendship bracelets, I now make one of a kind pieces for my friends and family. Everyone that crosses paths with someone wearing one of my pieces wants to know where it came from. So, by popular demand, I am now going to be selling my jewelry online and by special order! Now my jewelry creations will have a home! I do take special orders if someone wants something made just for them. I work mostly with sterling silver and hemp. Hemp creations were what I started with and I now work with silver also. I use all glass and stone beads unless otherwise noted. I can guarantee that each piece is one of a kind. Necklaces, earrings, bracelets, and anklets are what I make most often. I use quality materials and try my best to make very unique pieces. I am always open to suggestions if there is something in particular that someone wants. I love making jewelry and it provides me a way to be creative! Each piece is made special with lots of kind love and a little krazy creativity! Peace and Love- Kara :)